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Facial Treatments

Pure 24 Karat Gold Mask 

In this luxurious facial treatment, 24k Gold mask accelerates the regeneration of new cells, removes wrinkles and blemishes, stimulates blood circulation as well as lifts and firms the skin, brightening the overall complexion. Gold slows down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin. It also helps lymphatic drainage and facilitates the removal of toxins and wastes.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment 

Eliminates impurities on the back and soothes the delicate out-of-reach area. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, extractions (if needed), soothing massage and a hydro-nourishing mask.

Eye-care Lifting Treatment 

A special treatment to improve the appearance of the delicate eye area. A pressure point massage with a botanical anti-wrinkle extract helps to improve the micro-circulation and lymph flow and assists in reducing puffiness and sinus congestion. (Should be combined with a facial treatment.)

* One treatment per week for five weeks is recommended.

Collagen 90-II

Ideal  for all skin types. Excellent for aging skin. Helps prevent and reverse the signs of premature aging caused by harsh environmental factors. Formulated with “Tivoli” spring water from Italy, and is famous for its therapeutic anti-aging effect. The wrinkle diminishing activator smoothes out fine lines and leaves your skin looking younger.

Sea C Spa Facial 

Works by creating a cooling effect on the skin. It is recommended as a soothing agent, particularly for reducing the appearance of redness. It restores a healthy appearance to all skin types, instantly leaving the skin radiant.

Four-Layer Facial 

For all skin types. An intensive hydrating facial. Incorporates a thermal mask of gentle, heating action that contours and revitalizes the skin through the deep penetration of the active ingredients. 

Express Facial 

Ideal  for all skin types.  Great for those on a busy schedule. Customized to meet specific requirements with steaming, cleansing, facial massage, and rejuvenating masks.

Rejuvenating European Facial 

Ideal  for all skin types.  This complete facial treatment will leave your delicate skin looking radiant and fresh. Specifically customized to remove dead skin cells and cleanse the pores for smooth, silky skin. Enhanced by the included rejuvenating facial mask.

Puracne Oxygen Clinical Treatment 

For oily or acne-prone skin. Designed to control acne, prevent the growth of bacteria that causes acne, and to revitalize dull and stressed skin with the new oxygenation concept. This five-step treatment will detoxify and hydrate the skin to sustain a luminous and younger looking complexion.

* One treatment per week for five weeks is recommended.

Couperose Scavenger 

For sensitive couperose skin. Designed to diminish skin irritability and protect delicate and sensitive skin. The treatment reinforces the micro-capillaries against various harmful environmental factors. Includes a special lymphatic drainage massage and customized mask.

Hydro Lifting Facial 

Ideal  for all skin types.  Designed to improve appearance of lines and wrinkles. Moisturizes and improves the skin’s elasticity for more radiant skin. Perfect before a special event, wedding or public appearances.

Impure Oily Skin Facial 

For oily skin (Also great for teens). Balances the sebum production and removes impurities such as blackheads. The active ingredient of the formula helps to soothe impure and irritated skin.


Seaweed Facial 

The fresh seaweed mask cools and refreshes the face and the neck. It adds moisture, eliminates toxins, soothes and nourishes the skin. Seaweed is rich in magnesium, calcium and minerals, which promote cell vitality.

*Discounts available for series of six or more for any facial treatments service.

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