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Sea Salt Glow 

Custom blended aroma essential oils and fine sea salts are the secret behind this invigorating exfoliation treatment. A gentle soothing Vichy shower rain massage adds a tranquil feeling of relaxation.

Italian Therapeutic Fango / Mud Wrap 

Mineral rich mud is used to restore balance and cleanse through detoxification. This warming treatment draws inpurities from the body and is customized to meet your specific needs. Finishes with Vichy shower.

Nourishing Marine Wrap 

Micronized sea algae provide the body with potent essential minerals and impart a unique sensation of relaxation and harmony. Finishes with Vichy shower.

Biological Exfoliating Wrap 

Biologically formulated enzyme powder is used to slough off dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and supple. Cleanses with Vichy shower.

Warm Blanket Treatment 

Gently heating action improves the blood circulation, detoxifies and eliminates impurities from the body through a deep penetration mask. It also assists in the reduction of cellulite.


* Two treatments per week are strongly recommended for maximum benefits in the first month.
* Discounts available for series of six or more treatments for any body services.
* Only available at our Broadway Between 10th and 11th street location.

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